Ep #5 - Slava Kozlovskii on building Australia’s first electric vehicle hire company ‘Eveeh’

August 16, 2017

We're on the brink of a transportation revolution!

Fleets of electric cars using a fraction of the energy, producing zero carbon pollution and driving autonomously are just moments away from hitting our streets in full force. Giving us cleaner air and an end to traffic jams.

One entrepreneur, supported by clean energy incubator Energy Lab has positioned his start up 'Eveeh' perfectly to help accelerate the public interest and create a platform for the next big social disruption!

Are electric vehicles worth it?
What does the future of personal transportation look like?

Listen in to hear Slava - Founder of electric vehicle hire company Eveeh, answer these questions and much more.

Hire a Tesla Model S - www.eveeh.com.au

Energy Lab Incubator - http://energylab.org.au/

Electric car Council - http://electricvehiclecouncil.com.au/

Ep #4 - Talking energy storage at the Australian Energy Storage Exhibition

June 28, 2017





In this episode

I went to the Australia Energy Storage Exhibition to see if I could find out exactly how far energy storage (particularly battery) had come recently.

I was extremely pleased to find three awesome guests who represent a diversity of tech in this emerging industry

Tony - Sealed Performance Batteries

Lead-acid and Lithium-ion


Daniel - Gildemeister

Renewable Microgrids & Vanadium batteries


Alex - Hydrostor

Underground compressed air storage




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Australian Energy Storage Conference & Exhibition

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Source: Ep #4 - Talking energy storage at the Australian Energy Storage Exhibition

Ep #3 - Laura Hamilton & Taronga Zoo want to give you $50k

May 17, 2017

Laura Taronga green grant


Laura Hamilton from Taronga Green Grants wants to help you clean up plastic from the oceans by kick starting your idea with $50k. This is your chance to change your direction and make a huge positive impact on the world.

Taronga Green Grant wesbite



Ep #2 - Sara Rickards on how to give a f%&k about sustainability

April 7, 2017


Co-Founder and legend Sara Rickards wants you to know that giving a fuck will unleash your potential.

She uses the interwebs to spread her message of sustainability by self determination. 

What do you give a fuck about?


Ep #1 -Why your electricity prices have 2x in 5 years

March 24, 2017

I read from tech story blog article published March 21 2017

Your electricity bill has more than doubled in 5 years - here's why.